Bathroom Vanity Cabinets Trends

Bathrooms are one of the most challenging rooms to remodel. With limited space and the desire to create a private retreat within the home, conflicting priorities can make the process difficult.

Taking inspiration from this year’s hottest design trends is a great way to get over the hurdles in a bathroom remodel, and the best place to start is with the cabinets.

Here are the best 2020 bathroom vanity cabinet trends for inspiration.


Floating Vanities

While floating vanities don’t offer much in the way of extra-functional floor space, they create an optical illusion that makes the room feel bigger than it is. This ultra-modern trend has been used in hotels for years and is starting to make its way into homes.

Floating vanities also serve a functional purpose with another bathroom design trend of recent years: radiant heating. By allowing for more floor space, you create room for more in-floor heat that will make your bathroom warm and comfortable.

Open Bottom Vanities

Many homeowners enjoy having a private area in which to store things in the bathroom. However, they often find that the wholly enclosed cabinets are bulky and unappealing.

Open bottom vanities are the 2020 solution that creates space while providing some privacy for storage. These vanities often have enclosed cabinets at the top with open shelving at the bottom. Many designers are using this vanity style to capitalize on the Hygge movement, using this space to display rolled up towels and spare candles.

Freestanding Vanities

When it comes to bathroom vanities Los Angeles designers love, freestanding vanities are all the rage. This alternative to the traditional, overpowering countertop is versatile and functional.

The freestanding style has the look of a standalone piece of furniture that can be made as modern or antique-looking as you wish. Freestanding vanities can also work well with the open bottom trend.

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Shades of Gray

Gray cabinets and vanities are ideal for bathrooms in 2020. This shade has the same softness as white without pushing the boundary on being cold and sterile. Soft gray hues add to the spa-like feeling that many strive for in their modern bathroom.

Gray is also an ideal complementary color, regardless of your overall design scheme. It rarely clashes with anything else and can be lightened or darkened to suit your vision.

Woodgrain Vanities

Woodgrain is back in a big way, but this modern take is nothing like the yellowish oak cabinets of the past. Instead, this trend uses the muted tones that designers love but add more texture and dimension rather than sleek, characterless pieces that have reigned supreme in recent years.

This trend works well with gray tones, as well as white oak hues. Consider swapping out the high-gloss finish for a matte style that will withstand the test of time.

Functional Storage

Functional storage has been a trend in kitchen design over the past few years. Now, that trend is moving into the bathroom as well. Rather than having a vanity with basic shelving, many remodeling projects include creating functional storage.

For example, a common addition is a trundle cabinet on the side of the vanity to store shampoo and soap bottles. Another is a custom cabinet for hiding the laundry basket and adding to the cleanliness of the room. External fixtures on the side of the vanity create additional shelving for high-traffic items.

By incorporating these various elements into the vanity, homeowners can easily keep this small space tidy and inviting.

Bathroom Trends of the Next Decade

The overarching trend to keep in mind when choosing a vanity in 2020 is simplicity, comfort, and function. People are turning their bathrooms into a spa-like experience, and even incorporating smart technology via temperature control smart mirrors.

Choose a vanity that serves a purpose and adds to the value of this often-overlooked escape within the home.

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