Best bathroom window exhaust fan

Top 5 Best Bathroom Window Exhaust Fans

Due to their extendable side panels, the bathroom window exhaust fans can be easily fitted in almost all bathroom windows. These are practical and powerful appliances that can quickly and effortlessly eliminate excess humidity and unpleasant odors from the most private room of your home.

However, choosing the right window exhaust fan for your bathroom is all but easy – there are numerous brands and models available on today’s market. To make things a bit easier for you, I’ve decided to take a closer look at some of the currently most popular models and see what they can offer.

In this article, I will talk about…

  • The features of the market’s most popular bathroom window exhaust fans;
  • How exactly do these convenient appliances work;
  • Whether they are safe to use above bathtubs;

…and other important things related to this topic.


Overview of the Best Bathroom Window Exhaust Fans

ModelBionaire BW2300-NGenesis A1WINDOWFANLasko W09560Holmes HAWF2041-NAmazonBasics WDF9-1D
Image[amazon fields="B000065DKJ" value="thumb" image_size="small" image_alt="" image_align="center"][amazon fields="B01CK64AQG" value="thumb" image_size="small" image_alt="" image_align="center"][amazon fields="B081HDYTF4" value="thumb" image_size="small" image_alt=""][amazon fields="B00005CDPH" value="thumb" image_size="small" image_alt=""][amazon fields="B07YJCWY8N" value="thumb" image_size="small" image_alt=""]
Fans2 x 8.5”2 x 9”2 x 9”2 x 8”2 x 9”
Weight8.4 lbs7.39 lbs8.15 lbs7.5 lbs5.72 lbs
Special FeatureRemote controlBuilt-in thermostatLCD screenThree different speedsExpandable side panels
Price[amazon fields = "B000065DKJ" value = "price"][amazon fields = "B01CK64AQG" value = "price"][amazon fields = "B081HDYTF4" value = "price"][amazon fields = "B00005CDPH" value = "price"][amazon fields = "B07YJCWY8N" value = "price"]
[amazon fields="B000065DKJ" value="button" button_text="Amazon"][amazon fields="B01CK64AQG" value="button" button_text="Amazon"][amazon fields="B081HDYTF4" value="button" button_text="Amazon"][amazon fields="B00005CDPH" value="button" button_text="Amazon"][amazon fields="B07YJCWY8N" value="button" button_text="Amazon"]

The Best Bathroom Window Exhaust Fan: Bionaire BW2300-N

Bionaire bathroom fan


  • A water-resistant motor
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Fits almost any window
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Ideal for small to medium-sized bathrooms

There are a few good reasons because of which I consider Bionaire BW2300-N to be the market’s best bathroom fan of this type.

Its performance is thoroughly impressive – the unit works just as advertised and effortlessly removes excess moisture from small to medium-sized bathrooms.

Its water-resistant motor can operate at three different speeds and can also be controlled via the included remote control.

What is more, the Bionaire BW2300-N can be extended to fit pretty much any window. It also has a small LCD screen and its thermostat can be programmed to turn the dual fans on/off in order to maintain a comfortable temperature in the bathroom.

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Reviews of the Best Bathroom Window Exhaust Fans

1. Genesis A1WINDOWFAN

Genesis bathroom window fan


  • Fans: 2 x 9”
  • Weight: 7.39 lbs
  • Dimensions: 4” x 24” x 12”

[amazon fields=”B01CK64AQG” value=”button” button_text=”Check Price on Amazon”]

The very first bathroom window exhaust fan I’ll be taking a look at is Genesis A1WINDOWFAN. Behind this peculiar name hides a device that I consider to be one of the market’s best options for folks with small to medium-sized bathrooms (check out our post on the best fans for small bathrooms as well).

One of this model’s best features is that it can work at three different speeds. And while it doesn’t have an LCD screen, the unit comes with 8 LED lights, 5 of which inform the homeowner about the current temperature.

For the best moisture-removal results, you will want to set both of A1WINDOWFAN’s fans in the exhaust mode. Fortunately, however, the model’s fans can also be set in the fan mode, as well as in the “dual” mode (fans moving air in opposite directions).

The two 9” fan heads are powered by separate motors. These are made out of copper and are exceptionally durable. The expandable side panels, on the other hand, are there to make fitting this exhaust fan into any window as easy as possible.

All in all, Genesis A1WINDOWFAN is an affordable but well-made bathroom window exhaust fan and a great option for those looking to save some money.


  • Durable copper fan motors
  • 3 different fan speeds
  • Expandable side panels
  • Built-in thermostat


  • No LCD screen

2. Lasko W09560

Lasko bathroom fan


  • Fans: 2 x 9”
  • Weight: 8.15 lbs
  • Dimensions: 5.41” x 24” x 12.9”

[amazon fields=”B081HDYTF4″ value=”button” button_text=”Check Price on Amazon”]

Next up is the W09560 Bluetooth-enabled fan coming from a brand called Lasko. While it’s not the best appliance of this type available on the market, it is very well-built and performs just as advertised.

The main selling point of Lasko W09560 is the fact that it’s a Bluetooth-enabled bathroom window exhaust fan. In other words, you can control it with your smartphone – all you need to do is download the Lasko Connect app.

Just like the rest of the models in this roundup, this one is also equipped with two fan heads. These are independently controlled fan heads, i.e. each of them has its own motor. It goes without saying, but this allows the user to program each fan head separately.

Another great thing about this exhaust fan is that it’s very easy to install – once you place it into a window, you only have to extend its side panels. It also has a small LCD screen and a couple of simple buttons.

Other features worth mentioning are the 8-hour timer, the digital thermostat, as well as the fact that Lasko W09560 can remove excess moisture at three different speeds.


  • A Bluetooth-enabled fan
  • Convenient LCD screen
  • Digital thermostat
  • 8-hour timer


  • Louder than expected

3. Holmes HAWF2041-N

Holmes bathroom fan


  • Fans: 2 x 8”
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 6” x 25.7” x 13.3”

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There’s a lot to like about this simple but practical appliance from Holmes. Although not the most powerful bathroom window fan out there, it does a pretty good job at exhausting stale indoor air and bringing in fresh air from the outside.

One of the most interesting things about this particular model is that it comes equipped with a manual thermostat, despite its relatively affordable price. I can confirm that this feature works well and successfully manages to maintain an ideal comfort level.

The two 8” fan heads of Holmes HAWF2041-N, on the other hand, are powered by independent electronically-reversible motors. In other words, they can do all three important operations: air exchange, air exhaustion, and air intake.

The unit arrives together with an extender panel and an adjustable extender screen. Installing it is relatively easy, and you should have no trouble with fitting this model into a larger bathroom window.

The last thing worth mentioning is that both motors are water-resistant and can operate at three different speeds. All in all, a fine purchase.


  • Equipped with a manual thermostat
  • Two water-resistant motors
  • 3 different speed settings
  • Fits most windows


  • Noticeable electrical “hum”

4. AmazonBasics WDF9-1D

Amazons Basics window fan


  • Fans: 2 x 9”
  • Weight: 5.72 lbs
  • Dimensions: 23.43” x 5.35” x 12.6”

[amazon fields=”B07YJCWY8N” value=”button” button_text=”Check Price on Amazon”]

AmazonBasics products are sometimes hit-and-miss, but this AmazonBasics bathroom window exhaust fan is definitely a well-made device. It’s a simple appliance that is easy to install and which works quite well for what it is.

The WDF9-1D has two 9” fan heads, both of which are powered by a single copper motor. They allow the unit to effortlessly circulate air in a medium-sized bathroom and can be used at three different speeds.

To fit the appliance into your bathroom window, you’ll have to use its expandable side panels. Amazon states that these fit windows whose dimensions are between 25” and 32”. To make installing and transporting this model a bit easier, Amazon equipped it with removable feet and a carrying handle.

As expected, the fan heads of this model feature reversible airflow blades. This means that the appliance can bring fresh air inside and exhaust the moist and stale air to the outside. There is also an adjustable thermostat.

I consider the AmazonBasics WDF9-1D to be a pretty good choice if you have a medium-sized bathroom and you’re looking for something that’s simple, affordable, and that does its job without hiccups.


  • Simple but practical
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Three different speed settings
  • Removable feet & carrying handle


  • No LCD screen

5. Bionaire BW2300-N

Bionaire bathroom fan


  • Fans: 2 x 8.5”
  • Weight: 8.4 lbs
  • Dimensions: 25.5” x 14.1” x 6”

[amazon fields=”B000065DKJ” value=”button” button_text=”Check Price on Amazon”]

This is where we finally come to the winner of this “window fan battle” – the Bionaire BW2300-N. It’s an extremely well-designed bathroom window exhaust fan that stands above its competition due to the sheer number of its convenient features.

The two fans of Bionaire BW2300-N can be programmed independently. In other words, they can exhaust stale air, draw in the fresh air, but also do both of these things simultaneously.

And programming these 8.5” fan heads is as easy as it gets – the unit comes equipped with an LCD screen, a set of user-friendly buttons, and even a remote control. It can work at three different speeds.

Another great feature is the programmable thermostat, which is operable either manually or automatically. And when it comes to bathroom window exhaust fans, the capability to maintain a selected bathroom temperature is always a huge plus in my book.

Once we combine all of these features with a generous 5-year warranty against defects, we get what is truly the best appliance of this type currently available on the market.


  • Two high-performing 8.5” fans
  • Programmable thermostat
  • LCD screen & remote control
  • 5-year warranty


  • The remote has a limited angle

Should I Get Myself a Bathroom Window Exhaust Fan?

Bathroom with a window fan

In case you have a bathroom window but not a “regular” exhaust fan that goes into the ceiling, a bathroom window exhaust fan is an excellent ventilation option.

While it’s true that you can ventilate your bathroom by simply opening the window, doing that is not always enough – sometimes, you will want something a bit more powerful and also faster.

All of these appliances fit standard-sized windows, usually starting at the width of 24”. Most of them can also be extended up to about 37”.

A vast majority of bathroom window exhaust fans feature adjustable panels on their sides. These panels allow homeowners to fit the appliance into a window – you only have to pull them out.

How do These Appliances Work?

A standard device of this type usually sports so-called reversible airflow fan heads.

Most bathroom window exhaust fans come with two fan heads – one being positioned only a few inches away from the other – and these are capable of reversing airflow backward (in order to pull the fresh air into the bathroom) and forward (to exhaust excess humidity to the outside).

Moreover, one of the two reversible airflow fan heads can be put in a fan mode and the other in exhaust mode. As you can already guess, the result of two fan heads moving air in opposite directions is greatly improved air circulation.

In a bathroom, a homeowner would obviously want at least one side of their venting appliance to be exhausting air to the exterior.

If you are planning on replacing your old fan with a new one, check out our post on how to remove a bathroom exhaust fan.

Is it Safe to Use One Above a Bathtub?

bathroom window

One very important thing to mention about bathroom window exhaust fans is the safety hazard that comes with installing one of these appliances above a bathtub.

If it’s not properly secured to a window and consequently falls into a bathtub that’s currently being used by a person, a bathroom window exhaust fan can cause electrocution.

A vast majority of people are completely unaware of the fact that you can get electrocuted even if your cellphone on a charger falls into the bathtub while you’re using it. If it’s not adequately secured, a bathroom window exhaust fan can do the same thing.

In newly constructed bathrooms, GFCIs (ground-fault circuit interrupters) are required in all outlets. As their name suggests, these have special switches that can, upon detecting a ground fault, completely cut off an outlet’s access to electricity.

In any case, if you have an outlet located directly above your bathtub, it’s a good idea to avoid plugging any device into it – it’s better to be safe than sorry. It’s also important to pay attention to your local bathroom fan code requirements.

Can These Devices Control Bathroom Temperature?

Bathroom with a window

Many of these convenient appliances are also equipped with thermostats or temperature controls.

If you get yourself a bathroom window exhaust fan of this type, you’ll be able to set it in a mode where it will turn on and off automatically and, in that way, maintain the temperature inside your bathroom.

Bathroom Window Exhaust Fans – The Control Options

Although some models come accompanied by remote controls, virtually all of these appliances can be controlled manually via buttons that are typically located right between the two fan heads.

In addition, some bathroom window exhaust fans are Bluetooth-enabled and can be connected to smartphones and similar devices.

Finally, some models are equipped with timers. As you can already guess, a unit with this feature can shut down automatically after a set period of time.

Check out our pick for the best bathroom fan with a Bluetooth speaker as well.

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