Best round bathroom exhaust fan

Top 5 Best Round Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Some folks just don’t like the plain, minimalistic design of the square-shaped bathroom exhaust fans and want something a bit more interesting. For such homeowners, round-shaped models are an excellent option – they sport an eye-catching, decorative design while still being just as efficient as their square-shaped cousins.

In this article, I will go over:

  • The features of the market’s most popular round-shaped models;
  • The reasons why you should get one for yourself;
  • How to properly size one of these appliances.

Keep reading to find out whether a round bathroom exhaust fan is the right choice for your needs:


Overview of the Best Round Bathroom Exhaust Fans

ModelBroan-Nutone 8664RPHunter 83002Broan-Nutone QT9093WHAir King DRLC702 RoundHomewerks 7117-01-BN
Image[amazon fields="B001PO9I58" value="thumb" image_size="small" image_alt="" image_align="center"][amazon fields="B00JFO1F6A" value="thumb" image_size="small" image_alt="" image_align="center"][amazon fields="B00084URME" value="thumb" image_size="small" image_alt=""][amazon fields="B000EWGGNY" value="thumb" image_size="small" image_alt=""][amazon fields="B07X1TXWJV" value="thumb" image_size="small" image_alt=""]
Sone rating5.
Special FeatureFrosted lensStylish design500-watt heaterFrosted light coverVery quiet
Price[amazon fields = "B001PO9I58" value = "price"][amazon fields = "B00JFO1F6A" value = "price"][amazon fields = "B00084URME" value = "price"][amazon fields = "B000EWGGNY" value = "price"][amazon fields = "B07X1TXWJV" value = "price"]
[amazon fields="B001PO9I58" value="button" button_text="Amazon"][amazon fields="B00JFO1F6A" value="button" button_text="Amazon"][amazon fields="B00084URME" value="button" button_text="Amazon"][amazon fields="B000EWGGNY" value="button" button_text="Amazon"][amazon fields="B07X1TXWJV" value="button" button_text="Amazon"]

The Best Round Bathroom Exhaust Fan: Broan-Nutone 8664RP

Broan nutone round fan


  • Very efficient – 100 CFM
  • Uses a 100-watt incandescent bulb
  • Quick & flexible installation
  • Duct connector & hanger bar included
  • Frosted lens & white grille

Out of all the round bathroom exhaust fans reviewed in this article, I consider the 8664RP model from Broan-NuTone to be the best.

The only major disadvantage of this phenomenal appliance is that it’s quite loud, which is the direct consequence of it having a high-performing motor that effortlessly deals with excess humidity.

Besides impressive performance, Broan-Nutone 8664RP also provides ample lighting (it uses a single 100-watt bulb). Moreover, installing it is as straightforward as it gets, as it arrives with everything you’ll need for quick and easy installation.

Finally, this round-shaped exhaust fan also sports a truly elegant design – its frosted lens and white grille are bound to discreetly blend in with your bathroom’s décor.

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Reviews of the Best Round Bathroom Exhaust Fans

1. Hunter 83002

Hunter round bathroom fan


  • CFM rating: 110
  • Sone rating: 3.0
  • Dimensions: 16.7” x 16.5” x 15”

[amazon fields=”B00JFO1F6A” value=”button” button_text=”Check Price on Amazon”]

A great addition to any bathroom, the Hunter 83002 is a genuinely stylish round bathroom exhaust fan and one of the best-looking units on my list.

Featuring flowing scrollwork and an eye-catching bronze finish, the model sports a truly sophisticated design that is bound to enrich the look and feel of your bathroom. What is more, it is relatively quiet in operation – it is rated at 3.0 Sones.

The performance also deserves words of praise. The Hunter 83002 is a 100 CFM-rated fan, and, as such, stands as a great option for folks with medium to large bathrooms.

To use its primary light and the nightlight, you will need two 60-watt bulbs and one 7-watt C7 bulb. The light itself is somewhat dim but it still does a pretty good job of illuminating a bathroom.

In summary, this is a very stylish fan and an ideal choice if you’re looking for a round-shaped model that is both powerful and has a decorative design.

If you prefer fans with LED lights, check out our top picks for the best bathroom exhaust fans with LED lights.


  • Powerful – 110 CFM
  • Sophisticated design
  • Relatively quiet (3.0 Sones)
  • 5-year limited warranty


  • Somewhat dim lighting

2. Air King DRLC702

Air king exhaust fan


  • CFM rating: 70
  • Sone rating: 4.0
  • Dimensions: 21” x 15” x 15”

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Next up is Air King DRLC702, a round bathroom exhaust fan with a CFM rating of 70. As such, it’s a fine choice for folks with smaller bathrooms.

In my opinion, this particular model looks very stylish – the combination of a frosted light lens and a grille with a nickel finish gives the unit a very sophisticated appearance.

This bathroom fan accepts two 15-watt LED bulbs or two 60-watt incandescent bulbs. Installing it is as easy as it gets – it comes together with adjustable hanging brackets.

Other features worth mentioning are the 1-year warranty and the fact that the model is also available in bronze and white variants.

All in all, another great bathroom exhaust fan from Air King.


  • Stylish appearance
  • Great for smaller bathrooms (70 sq. ft.)
  • Accepts LED & incandescent bulbs
  • 1-year warranty


  • Could be quieter (4.0 Sones)

3. Broan-Nutone QT9093WH

Broan Nutone fan and heater


  • CFM rating: 110
  • Sone rating: 4.0
  • Dimensions: ‎13.25” x 18.13” x 17.5”

[amazon fields=”B00084URME” value=”button” button_text=”Check Price on Amazon”]

This is the most expensive round bathroom exhaust fan in my roundup – it’s a feature-rich model that looks and works just as advertised.

The best thing about the Broan-Nutone QT9093WH is definitely the fact that it has a built-in heater. So, besides removing excess moisture and providing illumination, this particular unit can also maintain a comfortable temperature in your bathroom.

Its design is also praiseworthy. The white enamel grille of this phenomenal Broan-NuTone fan will easily blend into any kind of bathroom décor.

Even though it weighs close to 20 pounds, the model is still somewhat compact and quite easy to install and use. Unfortunately, it’s not the quietest appliance of this type out there – it is rated at 4.0 Sones.

Why didn’t I choose this round bathroom exhaust fan as my top pick? If you’re on a budget, you’ll have to look elsewhere – it’s the priciest model on the list.

If you need a duct for your new fan, check out our pick for the best duct for a bathroom exhaust fan.


  • Integrated 1500-watt heater
  • Incandescent light & nightlight
  • Sleek white enamel grille
  • Easy to install & use


  • Expensive

4. Homewerks 7117-01-BN

Homewerks round bathroom fan


  • CFM rating: 80
  • Sone rating: 1.1
  • Dimensions: 14.5” x 14.5” x 10.6”

[amazon fields=”B07X1TXWJV” value=”button” button_text=”Check Price on Amazon”]

Out of all the round bathroom exhaust fans on my list, this one is the quietest. If you’re looking for a quiet appliance of this type, this 1.1 Sones-rated model is your best option.

Besides quiet operation, Homewerks 7117-01-BN also provides a pretty good performance. It is rated at 80 CFM and easily manages spaces up to 80 square feet in size.

It is also very durable – the model’s housing is made out of rust-resistant galvanized steel. Moreover, the unit’s no-cut design allows quick and easy installation on the ceiling.

The central light of the 7117-01-BN fan, on the other hand, comes with an integrated 16-watt LED bulb and provides ample, bright white illumination.

If you’re looking for easy installation and quiet operation, this Homewerks model is an excellent option.


  • Exceptionally quiet (1.1 Sones)
  • Corrosion-resistant housing
  • Solid performance
  • Easy installation


  • Some homeowners may find the light to be too bright

5. Broan-Nutone 8664RP

Broan nutone round fan


  • CFM rating: 100
  • Sone rating: 5.0
  • Dimensions: 15” x 15” x 7.63”

[amazon fields=”B001PO9I58″ value=”button” button_text=”Check Price on Amazon”]


While it’s not the greatest bathroom exhaust fan ever made, Broan Nu-Tone 8664RP is certainly the best round-shaped model. It’s a perfect combination of quality construction, impressive performance, and stylish looks.

As a 100 CFM-rated model, this Broan-NuTone fan is ideal for bathrooms whose size stands at around 100 square feet. The unit is very efficient, which is both an advantage and disadvantage at the same time – it is the loudest round-shaped fan on my list.

To use the model’s light, on the other hand, you will need a single 100-watt incandescent bulb. As you can already guess, this means that the light provided by this bathroom fan is very bright, which is yet another reason why I consider it to be the best model on the list.

The model is also exceptionally easy to install. To make the whole process as hassle-free as possible, Broan-NuTone ships it together with a 24” adjustable hanger bar and a 4” duct connector.

As for the looks, I have only words of praise – the frosted lens design and the round white grille are bound to complement the aesthetics of any bathroom.


  • A high-performing bathroom fan
  • Comes with a hanger bar
  • Provides ample lighting
  • Frosted lens design


  • Loud (5.0 Sones)

Why Should I Get a Round Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

Bathroom with a round fan

Coming in a variety of styles, these kinds of appliances provide a very unique look, particularly when compared to their square-shaped counterparts.

Unlike the traditional devices of this type, round-shaped fans very much resemble your standard light fixtures. And they don’t only look like light fixtures, but also provide illumination – almost all models have center lights.

While some of these devices look just like the regular bathroom exhaust fans (except that they’re round-shaped, of course), many of them sport a genuinely decorative design. The center light lens is typically surrounded by a grille, which is the part that intakes stale, moist air and exhausts it to the outside.

If the design of a bathroom exhaust fan is really important to you, make sure to also check out our pick for the best decorative bathroom exhaust fan.

They’re Easy to Install

One particularly great thing about round bathroom exhaust fans is that they’re easier to install – they don’t have to be flush with the walls.

Although you probably already know this, a regular square-shaped model can look somewhat odd if the bracket puts it slightly off or if the joists aren’t square with the walls.

You won’t have these kinds of issues with the round bathroom exhaust fans – installing them is a hassle-free process.

How to Size a Round Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Round fan in a luxurious bathroom

When shopping for a new bathroom exhaust fan, one of your most important considerations should be the CFM rating.

The “CFM” is an abbreviation for Cubic Feet per Minute and it’s a standard measurement of airflow. In other words, it can tell you how much stale and moist air a particular model can exhaust, i.e. how powerful it actually is.

When it comes to bathrooms whose size stands at about 100 square feet or less, the basic recommendation is to get an exhaust fan whose CFM rating matches the bathroom’s square footage. For a bathroom whose size stands at 80 square feet, you will want to get an 80 CFM-rated exhaust fan.


Bathroom Size Minimum CFM
50 square feet or less 50 CFM
50 to 100 square feet Add 1 CFM per every square foot
100 square feet or more If you have more than one of these fixtures, add the numbers together:

Jacuzzi tub = 100 CFM

Bathtub = 50 CFM

Shower = 50 CFM

Toilet = 50 CFM


As you can see in the table shown above, things get a bit tricky when it comes to larger bathrooms – a certain number of CFMs needs to be added for each of the fixtures.

I’ve explained all of this in a lot more detail in my article on bathroom exhaust fan sizing. And if you are planning to replace your old fan with a new one, check out our post on removing a bathroom exhaust fan.

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