How to Install an Anti Scald Valve in Your Shower

The anti scald valve in your shower is going to be one of the most important things that you do.  You do not want to be hurt by the water that comes out of your shower head, and you can solve that problem pretty easily. You are going to feel a surge of water that is very hot when you hear someone flush the toilet, the dishwasher turns on or someone is using the washing machine. You can do this in a couple different ways, and you just need to figure out what you could do that is going to make it easier for you to get the help you need.


The Valve Location

The valve location is going to be determined by how easy to pipes are to access. Some people are going to want to go into the wall to find a place to put in the valve just before the water reaches the shower head, but other people would prefer to have it right behind their shower head. The best thing that people can do is to find the right place to put it. You can put it right behind the shower head if you cannot reach the pipes, or you can go into the wall with help from a plumber who is going to get into the wall for you.

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The Valve Operation

The valve is going to work by sensing the water that is coming through. You are going to have water come through without any abandon at all when you do not have the valve, and that means that you are going to be able to set up the valve in a place where the hot water comes through. A small sensor is going to close the valve when the hot water hits it, and the valve is going to open again when it cools down. You are going to save yourself a lot of trouble if you just make sure that you are going to use it. You need to put it in every shower in the house, and you may even want to put it on the pipe that is going to lead the tub faucet. You have to do this so that you do not have problems with baths.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is a very simple valve that you can use any time you want, and it is not going to cost much to get. You can one that is going to fit your home piping, and you are going to be able to get the one that is going to work with your plumbing. You have to be careful to do that right, and you are going to have to make sure that the pipe is going to fit on the valve that you picked.


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The installation is going to start by you make sure that you have a place to set up the valve. This is going to go in a place where you have a normal connection, and you are going to put the valve in that spot. The valve has to be connected with the right ends pointing in the right direction.  The valve is going to show you which way it has to face, and you will be able to turn it the right way pretty easily. You will not be confused, bur you will need to make sure you use enough plumber’s tape to prevent leaks.

The valve is going to deal with a lot of water, and it is going to stop the water when it gets too hot. Something that is going to cause leaks is a lack of tape or a loose connection. The loose connection is going to be easier to fix by tightening it, but you need to use a lot of plumber’s tape to make sure that no leaks come through.

You are going to do the same thing when you have set up your valve behind the shower head, and you want to avoid leaks as much as possible, otherwise you will need a plumbing service. You are going to avoid the leaks that will happen with more tape, and you are going to be able to stop scalding water from coming through.

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