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What is a Table Shower? The Benefits & History

Also called Scotch hose, Swiss shower, and Vichy shower, a table shower is a special kind of table with 5-7 shower heads located above it. A lot of massage spas and beauty salons combine table showers with manual massage to provide a client with full pleasure.

In Asian countries, this type of service usually includes sexual massage. In the United States, however, receiving a table shower treatment is a completely different thing. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the health benefits provided by this extraordinary procedure.


What Exactly is a Table Shower?

In simple terms, a table shower is a construction that consists of between 5 to 7 shower heads that are usually attached to a long metal bar that looks just like a shower curtain rod. This extended metal bar is located directly above an off-beat, waterproof table with drainage holes. Specialized spas often offer hydrotherapy treatments where people can enjoy all the benefits brought by table showers.

How does a typical shower table treatment look like? Imagine a huge amount of water pouring down at the speed of around 13 gallons per minute. Now imagine all that water pouring over your back over the course of 10 minutes (that’s over 100 gallons!) while you’re lying face-down in an extremely comfortable, moisturized bed. Does that sound like a good time? It certainly does and you might be thinking to upgrade your bathroom with a one table shower!

According to the client’s wishes, the therapist can move the already-mentioned bar to focus the streams of water on a particular area of the body. For an even better experience, some spas may use handheld shower heads. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

In addition, the therapist using the table shower may adjust the pattern of movements and the temperature of the water at the client’s request. During an ideal table shower massage therapy, a whole-body water massage can be achieved through a different placement of the jets.

To improve the level of absorption of products that were previously rubbed into the skin, it is often recommended to clients to ask for this treatment after a body scrub. However, those who only want to get a body massage will be pleased to know that a Vichy shower treatment can relax and warm up one’s body for a more pleasurable massage.

The History of Table Showers

Unfortunately, nobody knows the exact origin of the table shower. One thing is certain, however – the nickname “Vichy shower” comes from the town of Vichy, which is located in France and has a very long tradition of hydrotherapy.

Although wildly popular in Asian countries, this type of shower was probably used for the first time in Europe. One legend claims that Julius Caesar, a famous Roman general, discovered the therapeutic springs of Vichy during his conquest of Gaul. One day, his tired horse drank some of the water from the springs and immediately recovered from the fatigue – or at least that’s how the story goes.

As soon as it was clear that the water springs of Vichy have healing capabilities, the Romans started building spas in the area. More than 1500 years later, in the early modern age, thousands of people were spending weeks in the region while enjoying the healing and relaxing experience that came with bathing in Vichy waters.

By the 19th century, a lot of people everywhere around the world heard about the Vichy shower. Nowadays, resorts and spas in many countries offer table-shower massages and hydrotherapies. The town of Vichy itself remains one of the world’s best-known spa cities with five natural mineral springs and several facilities offering treatments such as mud cures, oxygen therapy, mechanical therapy, carbonate mineral spring baths, and cold-water treatment.

What Can You Expect from a Table Shower Treatment?

People want to get a massage for various reasons, be it just for relaxation or for complete head-to-toe stress relief. Depending on the spa you’re in, you’ll be able to receive a table shower treatment before or after the regular body massage.

In case the table shower comes before the massage, it’s bound to make the massage much more pleasurable. If it’s used after the massage, the table shower treatment will be of great help with the removal of heavily-scented oil from one’s skin.

What to Wear

In case the law of the state doesn’t require the opposite, you can always opt to receive a table shower treatment fully naked. Obviously, almost every customer opts for privacy and uses towels to cover his/her body. You can also choose to wear disposable underwear.

Regardless of whether you choose to go with towels or disposable underwear, you’ll have to take a regular bath before using the table shower. After that, you’ll be able to lie down on the table on your back. The person handling the procedure will tell you when it’s time to turn over to your belly.

Water Temperature

The temperature during these treatments depends entirely upon the client’s preferences. One may choose to have them changed as often as he likes and get sets of warm, cold, and hot water alternately.

If that’s something you prefer (or even need), you may ask the therapist to pour water of different temperatures a couple of times over your body during the table shower treatment in the spa.

The Massage Room

In most spas, customers can receive their massage therapy in a private space. There, the table will be positioned in the center of the room. There will also be a clean towel you can use to cover any part of your body you want.

As we said, a vast majority of table showers have a metal rod located right above them. This rod features a couple of shower heads that provide customers with an extremely pleasurable cascading rain effect. However, this varies from one spa to another – sometimes, the treatments are done “manually” with therapists using their hands to operate handheld showers.

The Treatment

Back Washing

The treatment typically starts with a simple water massage of one’s back. The person handling the procedure will offer you to lie on the table shower with your face down. Then, he or she will adjust the warmth of the water so that it feels comfortable on your skin.

Once the customer’s skin is wet and well-moisturized, the person handling the procedure will take a loofah to thoroughly rub the customer’s back. As soon as that’s done, the customer has to turn it over.

Turning Over

Here, the spa therapist repeats the treatment on the front part of the customer’s body. However, your face and hair won’t get wet and will remain dry instead. Once the frontal part of the procedure is over, you’ll be given a towel to dry yourself off.


Do you remember how we said that Asian table shower treatments usually come with an “extra service”? While you won’t be able to get that in an American spa, there is something inherently Asian you can get – a so-called “table shower chakra treatment”.

Basically, each shower head will be aligned with the appropriate chakra of your body (there are seven of them). The goal of this Asian-type table shower treatment is to show the toxins a way out of your organism and clear your energy field and aura.

Luxurious Services

A lot of modern spas provide their customers with various luxurious treatments. If you feel like spending a bit more cash on your stress-relief session, give it a try – you probably won’t regret the money.

Some of these treatments include chocolate, seaweed, and mud wraps. Depending on the spa, you can also get a massage with exotic oils or a sea salt body scrub.

These things go hand in hand with the regular table shower treatment and are guaranteed to make your day – you will feel great ( if you’re ready to go out of your way and reach deep into your pocket, of course).

Table Shower Benefits


It’s a well-known fact that table showers bring many benefits. The most obvious of these benefits is relaxation. Through the stimulation of one’s nerves, a table shower treatment effortlessly relaxes the user by gradually removing the tension from his or her muscles.

Improved Circulation

Moreover, this type of procedure improves lymphatic circulation. In other words, it encourages the blood flow and the natural removal of toxins while boosting the immune system at the same time. This increased circulation can be very helpful when it comes to overcoming issues such as high blood pressure, slow metabolic rate, poor function of internal organs, as well as lazy bowel syndrome.


In addition, table shower sessions can eliminate lymphatic blockages, which leads to the elimination of many adverse effects including acne, arthritis, fatigue, headaches, loss of appetite, cellulite, depression, and menstrual cramps.

Beauty Improvements

Beauty improvements should be mentioned as well. Regular table shower therapies can enhance one’s vitality and beauty in a number of ways. They can increase the benefits of creams that you use on a regular basis but also hydrate and rejuvenate the skin all over your body.

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